Change Activation Toolkit

Organizational change management learning & implementation resources

Using engaging videos, workshop facilitation guides and handout materials, stakeholders at all levels are equipped with a clear understanding of crucial change concepts & practices, as well as the tools with which to implement change.

Empowers organizations to build capability across six development themes:

Innovative learning resources equip stakeholders throughout your organization to facilitate positive change:

These comprehensive resources can be utilized to run engaging transformational workshops for stakeholders throughout the organization, leading to greater appreciation of organizational change processes and resulting in tangible takeaways and actions.

Enables multiple groups to lead change:

The unique animated videos featured in each module can be shown with or without the accompanying facilitated workshop activities as suits the particular need. For sessions utilizing the workshop facilitation guide and materials, each module features between three and five activities that can be chosen from depending on group size, experience level and requirements.

Compatible with all change methodologies, models & approaches:

The Change Activation Toolkit has been built to be compatible with all change methodologies and models. Organizations that use a particular approach can use the compatibility guide to help understand which of the toolkit’s modules can best boost the effectiveness of their approach.
The resources can be made available organization-wide as licenses permit unlimited internal transmission & duplication of all resources. SCORM (e-learning) compliant versions of the video files are available, allowing the materials to be uploaded to your organization’s learning management system (LMS).

Use the Change Activation Toolkit to implement interesting, effective & memorable:

  • change introduction briefings
  • learning workshops
  • discussion primers
  • project meetings
  • training programs
  • board & senior leadership development sessions
  • ‘lunch & learn’ sessions
  • organizational induction programs
  • leadership development programs
  • toolbox talks
  • change management training programs
  • & more…

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