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Ready-to-deploy change management materials
Builds organizational change capability
Features unique animated videos
Compatible with all change management methodologies
Activates positive change behaviors

Innovative resources equip your people to lead positive change:

The Change Activation Toolkit features learning and implementation resources that can be utilized to increase awareness of change management processes and concepts for stakeholders at all levels throughout organizations, resulting in tangible actions and positive change behaviors.

Empowers organizations to build change capability across six key areas:

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Can be leveraged by multiple stakeholder groups:

The unique animated videos featured in each module can be shown with or without the accompanying facilitated workshop activities as suits the particular need. For sessions utilizing the workshop facilitation guide and materials, each module features between three and five activities that can be chosen from depending on group size, experience level and requirements.

Compatible with all change methodologies and models:

The Change Activation Toolkit is compatible with all change methodologies and models. A detailed compatibility guide maps which of the Toolkit’s 18 modules can be used to boost engagement and awareness at the stages and phases of all prominent methodologies, including: ADKAR, AIM, BCG Change Delta, Bridges Leading Transition, Change Leader’s Roadmap, GE CAP, Kotter, Kubler Ross Change Curve, Kurt Lewin, LaMarsh, PCI, Prosci and the Viral Change Roadmap.

Implement memorable and effective:

  • change introduction briefings
  • learning workshops
  • discussion primers
  • project meetings
  • training programs
  • board & senior leadership development sessions
  • ‘lunch & learn’ sessions
  • organizational induction programs
  • leadership development programs
  • toolbox talks
  • change management training programs
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