Ready-to-deploy change management resources

The Change Activation Toolkit is an organizational change management solution that empowers people with the skills, tools and attitudes they need to create and sustain change.

Animated videos & innovative workshop materials explain organizational change management concepts & practices in a straightforward and memorable manner. Included tools & templates facilitate change implementation.

The Change Activation Toolkit supports your organization at all stages of the change cycle:

It is compatible with all change management methodologies & models including Prosci, Kotter and others.

“The Better Business Learning Change Activation Kit could help organizations improve synergies during any type of change initiative, reducing risks, speeding up the change process without impacting personnel’s morale, thus increasing the overall success and effectiveness of the change.”

Jessica Minghinelli, Process & Quality Lead, Xerox Europe Ltd

“It can be used to train change management skills and also a tool for trainers to use to ensure consistency of messaging. I love how you provide suggestions of how to use, when to use, cheat-sheets and checklists, and how it links to different methodologies. It makes it a one stop shop.”

Ania Szpakowski, Change Program Manager, Zurich Insurance

“I honor the level of thought leadership, intelligence, creativity, care and production skill that went into developing this amazing content. A must for any one facing the need for change in their organization.”

Colin Tong, Information Risk Management Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers USA

“The materials cover the whole range of change management practice. 
For busy people who need answers now, or for reflective practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge, this toolkit is invaluable.”

Dr Philip Stiles, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

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